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Dealing with HMRC

Facing a tax investigation? Need to make a disclosure to HMRC? Don’t worry. One of our team will be able to help. Just get in touch.

How to deal with HMRC

Whether you have voluntarily approached HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) or have received notification of an enquiry, the thought of entering into correspondence with them about your tax affairs can be a daunting prospect.

The terminology being used by HMRC may be unfamiliar, and you may be unsure of the scale and scope of the problem.  By seeking professional advice you will find that much of the uncertainty is lifted, and you will be guided as to the best way to approach any discussions or negotiation.

Cooperative behaviour

It is essential in all dealings with HMRC that you are aware that your behaviour will be taken into consideration at the conclusion of any enquiry.

If a taxpayer is found to have a tax liability, a Settlement will be agreed on that includes payment of all taxes due plus interest and penalties.  The value of any penalty applied can be significantly reduced in cases where HMRC believe that a taxpayer has been fully cooperative throughout the process.

We can provide tailored advice to taxpayers regarding tactics and conduct when approaching the following situations:

Handling a tax investigation into suspected tax fraud

Handling a meeting with HMRC

Handling a raid by HMRC 

If  you wish to discuss this or any other matter with a member of the team, please contact us.

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